Tyre Replacements and Tyre Repairs in Morden

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We know from experience that tyre failure can happen at the worst possible time. Having a trusted local garage available in the Morden area to provide responsive tyre repairs and replacements makes the world of difference to our customers. In our quest to provide the complete range of garage services, Garth Road MOT Centre holds a sizeable stock line of premium and budget tyres sourced from the industry’s best-known manufacturers.


These tyres make up the body of our replacement services but our garage in Morden also performs tyre repairs in the event of punctures so long as it is safe to do so. We understand the importance of tyre safety better than most, and make the most appropriate choice between tyre repairs and replacements for the welfare of customers and their passengers.

The premium tyres at Garth Road MOT Centre come from renowned manufacturers such as Michelin, Dunlop and Pirelli. Premium tyres, understandably, come at a premium price but those with less to spend have the option to choose from our range of budget tyres – all of which are safety tested at source and should not be confused with part-worn tyres.

Puncture Repairs


The term “tyre repairs” misleads some of our Morden customers because we actually repair the puncture, not the tyre itself. Garth Road MOT Centre does, however, perform a full inspection of the tyre for secondary damage. This can include issues with the bead wire, tread separation, fluid deterioration and similar signs of wear or damage. Our garage never performs tyre repairs or puncture repairs unless it is unequivocally safe to do so.


We complete all puncture repairs to BS159 standards.


If we can’t perform tyre repairs on your vehicle, our company will recommend a set of replacement tyres from our stock range based on how much you wish to spend. Some garages in the Morden area only quote for the price of the tyres, and fail to include the additional costs of balancing, weighting and fitting. Garth Road MOT Centre quotes one single price for the entire job, and never adds for additional work to the final invoice.

New tyres offer our Morden customers a series of benefits:


  • A cushion of safety with up to 100,000 miles of wear
  • Noticeable performance increase in slowing and stopping
  • An improved performance in engine power
  • A subsequent increase in overall fuel economy
  • Better traction to enhance the overall driving experience

Call Garth Road MOT Centre on 0208 335 3032 to book in for tyre repairs and replacements at our popular garage in Morden.

image of car tyres organised in storage
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image of car tyres organised in storage
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image of car tyres organised in storage