Car Repairs in Morden from Garth Road MOT Centre

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Garth Road MOT Centre is the friendly garage in Morden with an outstanding reputation for courtesy, professionalism and reliability. We offer the complete range of garage services and many of our customers in the surrounding Surrey area make us their preferred choice for car repairs. This particular service covers everything from mechanical troubleshooting and part replacements to advanced engine management work using diagnostic technology.


Our technicians have experience of working on all manufacturer marques so, whichever type of car you drive, we provide the garage services you need for a fast, responsive repair. Like any reputable garage in the Morden area, we also house the latest equipment and diagnostic tooling to cope with issues contained within the car’s electrical subsystem.

Brake Replacement


Because Garth Road MOT Centre only uses compliant OEM parts for car repairs, customers in Morden and the surrounding Surrey area never need to worry about substandard workmanship or performance. We replace pads, brakes, discs, shoes and drums, individually or collectively, to ensure your vehicle always slows and stops in the safest manner possible.


  • Brakes typically last for up to 60,000 miles if you drive mostly on motorways but might only offer 25,000 miles of performance if you mainly drive in town
  • The components at the front of your vehicle wear down sooner than those at the back because the front brakes absorb the higher percentage of the work
  • We recommend booking in for car repairs at our garage in Morden once the pad friction material wears below 3mm or when the dashboard warning light shows


Clutch Replacement


The clutch, an essential moving component that smoothens gear changes and transfers power to the engine when pulling away, wears sooner than other parts of the transmission system. We include clutch replacements in our garage services and always install kits of a superior quality to eliminate the problem and restore – or even improve – the performance.


  • The kits we use to perform car repairs for Morden motorists consist of the clutch itself, the pressure plate and the bearings, complete with an alignment tool
  • We repair anything from family hatchbacks to high-performance models where the clutch system plays an integral role in optimising overall engine performance


Engine Diagnostics


At Garth Road MOT Centre, we provide the complete engine management service. By plugging into the ECU of your vehicle, our technicians retrieve stored fault codes and use these as the basis of any subsequent car repairs we perform. Our garage provides a full diagnostic report and resets the ECU to remove dashboard warning lights afterwards.


  • Live data retrieved through our engine management work gives a clear visual representation of how the engine performs and where potential subsystem issues lie
  • These particular garage services offer our Morden customers a fast, comprehensive analysis of their vehicles and identify faults sooner to reduce overall labour costs

Garth Road MOT Centre also performs car repairs in the following areas:


  • Steering and Suspension
  • Cambelt Replacement
  • Exhaust Replacement
  • Tyre Repair and Replacement
  • Auto Electrical Faults
  • Battery Replacements
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Headlight Alignment
  • Air Conditioning
  • Airbag, SRS and ABS
  • Fuel Injector Systems
  • Summer and Winter Checks

Call Garth Road MOT Centre on 0208 335 3032 to book in for car repairs at our popular garage in Morden.

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